Do Yard Trucks Increase Productivity?

Back view of a white spotter truck at Renew Truck's facility in New Boston, TX. Spotter truck is laso called yard truck, yard mule, yard jockey, and many more.

Yard trucks can improve productivity & yard efficiency in more ways than one. But finding reliable yard trucks is often easier said than done. Our team[…]

Should You Buy a New or Used Yard Truck?

Should You Buy a New or Used Yard Truck? | Renew Truck in Boston, TX. Side-view image of a white used yard truck.

Yard trucks can improve efficiency, productivity, & workers’ safety. But should you choose a new or old yard truck that’s for sale? Let’s take look at[…]

Yard Spotter Truck: Do I Need One?

Yard Spotter Truck | Renew Truck in New Boston, TX. Image of a white Kalmar yard spotter truck parked in an industrial park.

The yard spotter truck is common across truck terminals, cross-docking terminals, ports, & cargo yards. It can efficiently & quickly move large containers[…]