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"Save time"icon. Renew Truck remanufactures and repairs yard spotter trucks.

Save Time

Renewing trucks almost always takes a fraction of the time as ordering new.
"Save money" icon. Renew Truck remanufactures and repairs yard spotter trucks.

Save Money

Don’t overpay for new. Restore your yard fleet to gain long-lasting value and reassurance.
"Save" icon. Renew Truck remanufactures and repairs yard spotter trucks.

Save Hassle

Our remanufactured yard trucks have the same warranty as if you were buying new.
Icon of a yard spotter truck. Renew Truck remanufactures and repairs yard spotter trucks.

Save Trucks

Protect your investment and make life easier for your employees and business.

(Re)Build a Better Truck

Waiting for a new yard spotter means waiting for at least a year in most cases. But you don’t have time to wait that long when your truck is on its last leg. 

At Renew Truck we may be located in New Boston, TX, but we have sold, rebuilt, and delivered trucks all over the United States. We can rebuild your old yard truck in 60 to 90 days. This means more money in your pocket since you’re not waiting ’till the cows come home for a replacement truck.

If you need a “new” spotter truck, visit Renew Truck at 150 Service Street, New Boston, TX 75570. Or call us at (903) 231-9002 to discuss whether you need a complete truck rebuild, partial rebuild, or simply some repairs. 

Renew Truck: Your Yard Spotter Specialist

Our mechanics have experience working on big trucks, including military trucks. We use top-quality remanufactured and new components to make your used spotter truck in new condition. 

Whether you need your truck fully remanufactured or a partial rebuild (such as an engine and transmission repair or replacement), we can get you back on the job with a “new” used truck that your drivers are already used to. Renew Truck not only provides quality parts, but every truck tech has extensive experience. You can rest assured that your truck will receive the best care and precision while we are working on it.

Customize Your Yard Spotter to Fit Your Needs

You might not get the exact truck you ask for when you buy a new truck. And you’ll have to deal with all this new emissions technology (including adding DPF) and cleaning the system. Renew Truck can fully remanufacture your current spotter trucks, making them as new as you want.

The most significant benefit of remanufacturing your truck is getting it in 60 to 90 days instead of waiting over a year for a new truck. The truck is just as new, looking like it came off the showroom floor.

Remanufactured Truck Sales

Looking to purchase a truck? Check out our inventory of remanufactured trucks ready to take on the job. Our selection of remanufactured trucks are rebuilt to ensure that you are getting the highest quality of equipment available at a great price.

Renew Truck: A Sustainable Company Repairing and Rebuilding Yard Spotter Trucks

When you choose Renew Truck, you are choosing to be part of our family. 

Our family also includes Consolidated Truck Parts & Service (with locations in Monroe, Alexandria, and Many, LA,) MTP Drivetrain Services (in Many, LA), and Aksa Power Generation USA (with locations in West Monroe, LA, and Miami, FL).

Our parent company, Joe Gear Companies, works with suppliers and us through a Socially Responsible Supplier Program to help reduce our environmental footprint.

Take Control of Your Rebuild

Here’s How it Works:

Our full attention is on restoring yard trucks to fit your needs, not our wallets.

When buying new Ottawa trailer trucks or dealing with “catch-all” remanufacturers, it’s not unusual to be pigeon-holed into what they want to sell you. We take your needs into consideration every step of the way:

1. Define Your Scope

We know that every renewal is different and unique to our customer’s needs. Fill out our brief questionnaire to help us determine your needs

2. Collaborate & Customize

We’ll work together to define what you want out of your rebuild. We focus on safety and reliability first and foremost, but we can add as many or as few frills as you’d like!

3. Easy Maintenance & Reliability

Every trailer spotter needs maintenance and repairs eventually. We ensure you’ll be able to find providers wherever your operations may be.

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Ensuring your yard spotter trucks are back on the job as quickly as possible is just as important as using top-quality parts and providing excellent customer service. 

Renew Truck provides a warranty that is the same as a new truck —2,000 hours or one year on our drivetrains. We can completely remanufacture multiple trucks per month, compared to competitors that can only build two to three yard mules in a whole year.

For sales, service, or discussing a complete remanufacture of your yard spotter truck, contact us at (903) 231-9002. Or visit us at 150 Service Street, New Boston, TX 75570.