Remanufactured Trucks for Sale

If You Are Looking For A Remanufactured Truck, Without The Pricetag Of A New Truck, You Have Come To The Right Place.

Logo of Renew Truck in New Boston, TX. We remanufacture and repair yard spotter trucks.

Fully Remanufactured Trucks at Renew Truck

If you choose a fully-remanufactured spotter truck, you can ensure it was restored from the frame up. Everything comes off the truck. Everything is checked (including the frame) to ensure that it hasn’t been bent or damaged.

The remanufactured truck for sale usually gets a newly rebuilt engine and transmission. We went through the wiring and replaced anything damaged. We checked and (if necessary) replaced the gauges and other electrical components. We painted the yard spotter to look as good, if not better than when it came off the showroom floor.

Contact Renew Truck for Remanufactured Yard Trucks

Renew Truck is your go to dealer when it comes to remanufactured trucks. We check and repair everything from engine to body and provide you with a truck that looks and operates like brand new, without the price tag.

Contact Renew Truck at (903) 231-9002 to discuss your needs. We are located at 150 Service St., New Boston, TX 75570. Serving yard truck fleets all across the United States.