Spotter Truck Remanufacturing

Renew Truck Can Rebuild Your Yard Truck From The Ground Up, Making It Like New

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When your favorite yard spotter goes down, you are out of pocket until you get a new yard truck or find a used spotter truck in good condition. 

Usually when buying a used truck from an individual or company looking to unload their older trucks, you don’t know what you are getting into. You might get the truck back to your yard and use the truck for a few days, only to find out it has more problems than the seller claimed. If you have to repair a truck, why not fix your own yard jockey? Renew Truck wants to ensure that you get the best option for the best money. Sometimes that means remanufacturing or repairing your old truck. 

Renew Truck is a specialist in remanufacturing yard spotter trucks. We even customize the truck for you.

For sales and other information on our remanufactured truck process, contact Renew Truck at (903) 231-9002. We are located at 150 Service Street, New Boston, TX 75570.

What is Truck Remanufacturing?

When we remanufacture a truck, we take it right down to the bare frame and replace everything from top to bottom (including the paint). It’s like getting a brand-new truck. Each of our mechanics has a job—pulling the engine and transmission, doing bodywork, or repairing hydraulics and other systems.

While many other spotter truck remanufacturers can take six months to a year to do a full remanufacture, we will have your truck back to you in 60 to 90 days. Even buying a new truck can take longer.

Renew Truck remanufactures spotter trucks from all over the country. We’ll help you ship the truck to us and get it back to you when the work is complete.

Financing for Remanufactured Spotter Trucks

While remanufacturing a yard truck is not as expensive as buying new, it is still a decent amount of money. We offer financing through Interstate Billing so that you can have the spotter truck back on the job as soon as possible.

We understand that having a truck down means a considerable loss in income. Whether you pay cash or have financing in hand, we can start the remanufacturing and customizing process once we get your truck. This way, you can be back on the job within 60 to 90 days.

Financing with Interstate Billing means having the work done on your truck and getting it back to the job site even faster. You won’t have to wait on a truck that might be on backorder or take over a year to receive from another manufacturer. 

You also won’t have to take the risk of buying a used yard truck from an individual or company that is looking to quickly unload a truck that has hidden issues. 

Choose Renew Truck for Spotter Truck Remanufacturing

Whether money is tight for a new spotter truck or you don’t want to deal with emissions and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), Renew Truck can help. We can get you back on the job by remanufacturing your old truck. 

Whether you want to replace the engine and transmission, replace worn-out parts before repainting, or customize your old truck, we’re your go-to shop. We can make your truck look brand new again.

Contact Renew Truck at (903) 231-9002 to discuss your options. We are located at 150 Service St., New Boston, TX 75570. Serving yard truck fleets all across the United States.