Capacity Truck Remanufacturing Specialists

If you have a Capacity yard truck (and really like it), but it needs a lot of work, Renew Truck can help you. Whether you need a new engine and transmission, want a full restoration, or want to customize it, we can make it happen. We even have a used yard spotter or a remanufactured spotter truck for sale.

No matter your needs, contact Renew Truck at (903) 231-9002 to discuss your needs and options. We are located at 150 Service St., New Boston, TX 75570.

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Logo of Capacity truck. It is one of the brands we service at Renew Truck in New Boston, TX.
Closeup image of a white Capacity spotter truck. It's a truck brand we service at Renew Truck in New Boston, TX.

Benefits of Keeping Your Capacity Truck

While you might be considering buying a new truck, you should also consider the benefits of having your used spotter truck refurbished. Capacity trucks are reliable and can move up to 242,000 pounds. The cab is made from steel, and the platform is a one-piece platform for safety.

If the truck is older and doesn’t have the new emissions, you will save money since you won’t have to buy diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and bother with the rest of the emissions rules and regulations.

Finally, your yard driver is used to the truck and would probably like a brand new one just like it. You can have that with a restoration.

Capacity Truck Customization

The Capacity truck uses a Cummins turbocharged engine. Other features of some of the newer trucks include: 

  • LED clearance lights on top of the cab
  • A mid-back driver’s seat
  • A spacious 66-inch cab
  • 12-foot coiled trailer air hoses
  • Several indicators and gauges
  • A 45,000 BTU heater and defroster
  • And more…

You can choose to refurbish the Capacity truck and not make any changes. Or we can customize the truck. We can add battery disconnects, flexible fenders, a power terminal inside the truck, strobe lights, air conditioning, better mirrors, work lights, and more to help make your yard driver’s job easier.

Capacity Truck Service and Repair

If your Capacity truck still looks good, but you have engine problems, the specialist mechanics at Renew Truck can service or repair the truck. 

We service trucks in LA, TX, MS, OK, AR, and AL. Our technicians are certified and have many years of experience working on trucks (including military trucks). We can get the truck back on the job quickly and with quality parts, care, and precision. You can depend on Renew Truck for top-notch customer care and truck service.

Whether you need basic services (such as an oil change or tuneup), more complex repairs (such as an axle, alternator, or water pump), or an engine or transmission replacement, we can help. We can also rebuild or replace the engine or transmission.

Contact Renew Truck for the Best Capacity Truck Services

Whether you need service or repairs, want to rebuild the engine, or want a frame-off restoration of your Capacity truck, Renew Truck can help. 

Contact us by calling (903) 231-9002 to learn more about our services. We are located at 150 Service St., New Boston, TX 75570.