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Yard Jockey: What Do They Do?

Yard jockeys, also known as yard spotters or yard drivers, play a crucial role in logistics and transportation, helping get food and other items to stores. These professional truckers manage and organize trailers at manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and shipping yards, ensuring trailers are optimally positioned for loading and unloading.

Yard Jockey Tasks

Yard jockeys perform several tasks using yard mules. When a yard mule breaks down, it can disrupt the entire operation, since tractors are typically too large for yard jockeys to use effectively, although they can be used in a pinch. Renew Truck is instrumental in repairing and rebuilding yard trucks or mules, ensuring yard jockeys can perform their duties. 

Yard jockeys:

  • Shuffle and Organize Trailers: Their primary responsibility is to ensure trailers are in the correct locations for loading and unloading, significantly reducing delays.
  • Keep Safety in Mind: They play a vital role in maintaining safety, inspecting equipment, ensuring trailers and yard mules are mechanically sound, and navigating larger trailers carefully around the yard.
  • Keep Records and Documentation: They track trailers, their numbers, maintenance issues, and more, aiding in the efficient movement of goods and resolving disputes.
  • Maintain Equipment: Yard jockeys maintain yard mules and other equipment, contacting Renew Truck for major repairs, engine rebuilds, or complete yard truck refurbishments.

Yard Jockey Skills

To perform their job safely, yard jockeys need to be attentive, and have good judgment, patience, precision, and excellent communication skills. They must also solve complex problems, such as equipment breakdowns, yard traffic jams, or blocked accesses. Adhering to safety protocols and signage is also essential. If a truck yard doesn’t operate smoothly, it can lead to supply chain disruptions, late deliveries, increased transportation costs, and decreased customer satisfaction.

Contact Renew Truck for Yard Truck Repairs and Replacement

When a yard truck breaks down, it’s imperative to repair it swiftly. Since yard trucks are expensive, rebuilding old ones is often more cost-effective. Whether a yard truck needs a new engine, transmission, or complete refurbishment, Renew Truck is the industry leader, renewing yard trucks faster than competitors. If you require yard truck maintenance, repairs, or renewal, contact Renew Truck at (903) 231-9002 or visit our main office at 150 Service St., New Boston, TX. We operate nationwide.

About Renew Truck

Your trusty yard spotter truck is worn out, but it’s given you years of service and made you millions. Instead of buying a new truck and worrying about all the emissions, you’d rather keep the old yard truck.

That is where Renew Truck comes in. We are spotter truck specialists who can fix a yard truck so that it’s newly remanufactured. We repair or remanufacture trucks in LA, TX, MS, OK, AR, and AL.

Renew Truck is located at 150 Service Street, New Boston, TX 75570. You can contact us at (903) 733-7966.