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Semi-Truck vs. Yard Spotter Truck: How Are They Different?  

Suppose you operate truck or cross-docking terminals, a port, or other cargo yards. In any case, you should be able to move freight, trailers, cargo, or whatever else across the yard efficiently and safely.

For quite some time, facility managers and owners have turned to semi-trucks and diesel trucks to do the job. While semi-trucks have been up to the task, yard spotter trucks are faster, safer, and more efficient. 

Let’s look at how yard spotter truck stacks up against semi-trucks.

What Is a Yard Spotter Truck?

A yard spotter truck can go by several different names, such as:

  • Spotter truck
  • Shunt truck
  • Spotting tractor
  • Yard shifter
  • Yard truck
  • Yard dog
  • Yard jockey
  • Mule
  • Yard goat

No matter the moniker used, a yard truck is a type of semi-tractor designed to move semi-trailers, freight containers, and more.

They are currently used in intermodal facilities, warehouse facilities, cargo yards, etc. However, there are a growing number of applications for yard trucks.

Yard Spotter Trucks vs. Semi-Truck

Every single element of yard trucks is uniquely engineered to do their primary purpose with speed and efficiency. It is no surprise that these trucks are not allowed on highways or public roads.


The yard truck boasts a 360-degree view and a rear cab door to increase maneuverability. To further empower you to maneuver in tight spaces, they have an extremely short wheelbase typically mounted on a rear axle. 

This is a stark difference from semi-trucks that are notorious for their wide turning radius.


Yard trucks have a one-person cab that is offset to the side of the engine. This ultra-durable cab is constructed with 12-gauge steel. 

In contrast, a semi-truck will have a double-person cab and may even include a sleeper.

Connecting Trailers

Yard spotters are designed with a full-height, sliding rear door. This empowers the operator to connect trailers without leaving the cab.

Because the sliding door usually has a catwalk, drivers are not required to dismount to walk around to link airlines and trailers.

On the other hand, semi-trucks require the driver to get out, walk around, connect the trailer, and then get back in to operate.

Connecting trailers and other freight are exponentially easier and more efficient with a yard spotting truck.


No matter the vehicle, safety is always paramount. And a yard spotter has a massive rear window that offers operators an ideal 360-degree view. This means drivers will always see what they are doing from every angle.

In contrast, a semi-truck cab has limited visibility and often requires the driver to rely on someone else to help guide them when backing up.

Sometimes, the driver has to get out of the truck to determine how much space they have left.

Speed & Efficiency

Yard spotter trucks are equipped with an ultra-convenient fifth-wheel coupling device.

It boasts an integrated lifting mechanism that allows the semi-trailer’s legs to be lowered during movement. As such, drivers can simply back up and utilize a lever to lower and raise the trailer on the spot.

Say goodbye to cranking the trailer dolly up or down! Because of the fifth wheel and the overall design of yard spotting tractors, most users report they can move anywhere three to four times more cargo every shift.

Return on Investment (ROI)

As previously mentioned, a yard spotter truck makes moving cargo and freight about the yard easier.

In fact, its driver can unhook or hook up in less than a minute, while it can take an experienced over-the-road truck driver minutes to hook or unhook.

The efficiency gains of a yard truck mean the investment will quickly deliver a return and pay for itself. At the same time, most estimates suggest a yard truck will consume up to 20% less fuel.

Contact Renew Truck for Remanufactured Yard Spotter Trucks

When it comes to any industry, it’s all about having the right tools for the job. And the yard spotter truck is the right equipment for moving heavy cargo, freight, trailers, and semi-trucks in a yard, shipyard, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. 

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