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Help! I Need a Yard Spotter Truck & Can’t Find One. What Should I Do?

We get it—finding a yard truck is tough, if not outright impossible. And if you are looking for a new yard spotter truck, you know this all too well. However, there seems to be some hope. According to the Harvard Business Review’s recently released data, the truck shortage may be on its last leg. 

While this offers businesses, warehouses, and distribution centers hope for the future, it does little to nothing for the here and now. Right now, it can take as long as up to 52 weeks from the time you order a new yard spotter truck until delivery. 

Fortunately, there is a better, more efficient, and more cost-effective way to get the yard truck you need in less time. At Renew Truck, we specialize in repairing, refurbishing, and restoring used or old yard spotter trucks. And our process can be done within 8 to 12 weeks only. 

Let’s look at why maintaining and repairing the yard spotter truck you currently have makes more dollars and sense.

I Can’t Find a New Yard Spotter Truck. What Should I Do?

Finding a new yard spotter truck can be virtually impossible unless you are willing to wait for a year or more. The best option is to restore or rebuild your existing yard truck. The team at Renew Truck specializes in doing just that. Our process is simple, proven, and straightforward. 

Here’s how it works:

Let’s Define Your Scope.

The first step is for our experienced yard truck restoration specialists to get to know you and your unique needs. We’ll provide you with a brief questionnaire that will highlight and help uncover your special yard spotter truck needs.

We Collaborate & Customize Your Yard Truck.

Next, we will work closely with you to further understand your budget and goals. This will help us focus on the key features you need and those you don’t. 

We always focus on reliability and safety, first and foremost. Once the bases have been covered, we can implement as many frills, bells, and whistles as you like.

We Build It.

Now, this is where our yard truck restoration specialists get to work. We will carefully craft and mold your yard spotter truck exactly as you need. Because we start with your existing yard truck, choosing a rebuild can save you thousands of dollars and open the door to a host of additional benefits.

We Help You Find Reliable Maintenance Providers.

Every yard truck will eventually need repair and maintenance. At Renew Truck, we will make sure you’ll be able to find trusted providers near you for easy maintenance and improved reliability.

Why Should I Rebuild My Yard Spotter Truck?

You can easily spend a year or more waiting for a new yard spotter truck dealer to provide you with the equipment you need. 

More so, you could be stuck overpaying for useless features you don’t need in a “take it or leave it” type of scenario. Or you can settle and deal with the hassle of semi-trucks that are simply not designed for the application.

On the other hand, renovating and customizing your hard spotter truck based on your needs is the perfect way to check every box. Some of the key benefits of rebuilding a yard truck include:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Amplify Your Performance
  • Improved Return on Investment
  • Longer Lifespan on Your Equipment

Contact Renew Truck To Build & Customize the Perfect Yard Truck

While the world deals with supply chain shortages, you have an ace up your sleeve when it comes to finding a yard spotter truck. And Renew Truck is that ace! 

We specialize in rebuilding, renovating, and customizing old and seemingly dilapidated yard spotter trucks. Our experienced renovation specialists will work closely with you to understand your needs and build the perfect yard truck fast and cost-effectively. 

Ready to learn more? Call us at (903) 776-1098 or fill out this contact form. You can also visit us at 150 Service Street, New Boston, TX 75570. 

About Renew Truck

Your trusty yard spotter truck is worn out, but it’s given you years of service and made you millions. Instead of buying a new truck and worrying about all the emissions, you’d rather keep the old yard truck.

That is where Renew Truck comes in. We are spotter truck specialists who can fix a yard truck so that it’s newly remanufactured. We repair or remanufacture trucks in LA, TX, MS, OK, AR, and AL.

Renew Truck is located at 150 Service Street, New Boston, TX 75570. You can contact us at (903) 733-7966.