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Should You Buy a New or Used Yard Truck?

If you’re moving ten or more trailers around your facility a day, it makes dollars and sense to invest in a yard truck or yard spotter truck. Yard trucks—also called yard goats, yard dog trucks, yard spotters, yard mules, or switcher trucks—are the premier way to efficiently and cost-effectively move trailers. 

Purposefully designed, these trucks can increase efficiency, improve productivity, and help drive worker safety. Considering all of the benefits, it makes dollars and sense to invest in one. 

But should you choose a new or old yard spotter truck that’s for sale? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Can You Afford to Wait for a New Yard Spotter Truck?

When comparing whether you should get a new vs. used spotter truck, the impending truck shortage is the first thing to consider. Fortunately, Harvard Business Review suggests the truck shortage should be nearing its end. 

However, it can still take as long as 18 months from ordering a new truck to delivery! Therefore, you should first consider whether you can wait for that long. With Renew Truck, you can purchase a used truck, have it remanufactured, and deliver it to your business in as little as eight weeks.

New vs. Used Yard Truck: The Cost

Unless your business has a money tree, the truck’s cost is a huge deal. And when it comes to yard spotter trucks for sale, new ones can be exponentially more expensive. 

On the other hand, a used or remanufactured truck can be much more cost-effective. In fact, the yard truck specialists at Renew Truck can customize any used yard truck to meet your needs and budget. 

For instance, if you’re on a tight budget, Renew Truck can help you understand the impact of each feature. This way, you can make more educated decisions when rebuilding your truck.

New vs. Used Yard Truck: Depreciation

While the sticker price is significant, you should also consider the depreciation cost. 

The moment you drive a new spotter truck off the lot and put it into service, you will begin to experience the enormous freefall in value. Specifically, all new vehicles, including yard spotters, will depreciate significantly faster during the first few years than they do over the remaining life of the truck.

With a used truck, the first owner will have already absorbed the depreciation. This means you may be able to purchase a used truck for a steal and remanufacture it with the latest features for significantly less than what it would’ve cost you if you bought a new one.

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