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How to Pick the Best Yard Trucks for Your Site

Whether you call it a yard jockey or yard spotter truck, these powerful workhorses can quickly and efficiently transport large trailers and cargo containers throughout warehouses and distribution centers. 

These specialized trucks are usually smaller and designed to work within specific areas. However, to unlock the productivity benefits of your yard trucks, you must choose the best one for your site. 

Let’s explore a few important considerations for choosing the best yard trucks for your warehouse, distribution center, or yard.

Look for Maneuverability

Premium yard trucks provide convenient access to trailer connections that secure the cab to the trailer. Unlike truck cabs with side doors, yard trucks have a full-height door at the back, which makes reaching the rear connections easy.

By design, they have shorter wheelbases and tighter turning radius. The reduced wheelbase allows them to maintain a lower profile, master tight turns, and avoid tipping or losing stability. 

While increased maneuverability is inherent for yard spotter trucks, different models can have varying levels. Make sure you understand how each yard truck’s maneuverability compares. Pay special attention to other yard truck operating features that may offer enhanced maneuverability and performance.

What About the Speed of Yard Trucks?

While speed may be a factor if you’re looking for a sports car, it’s not as crucial for yard spotter trucks. Because your yard truck will mainly stay, well, in the yard, it doesn’t need to go fast. The top yard trucks can maintain a steady, slow speed while offering enough maneuverability to master the tight.

Is Air Conditioning and Heating a Must Have?

A few years ago, heating and AC were uncommon for yard trucks. However, AC and heating are almost standard on newer yard trucks today. On the other hand, older yard trucks may not have AC or heating systems. 

Because of this, you should consider where you live and the most extreme seasonal conditions for your region. If heating and AC are necessities, ensure the yard spotter truck you choose includes these features.

Do You Want Gas, Diesel, or Electric Yard Trucks?

Even though the majority of yard trucks are diesel engines, you have options. Make sure to consider the pros and cons of each type of yard truck when making your decision.

  • Traditional diesel yard trucks have been the preferred choice for their ability to handle heavy workloads. However, it’s worth noting that these trucks come with higher maintenance costs and generate significant emissions.
  • Gas-powered yard trucks can be more affordable but may have less power compared to their diesel counterparts. One advantage of these gas-powered vehicles is that they don’t require the same filters as diesel yard spotter trucks.
  • Another emerging option is electric yard truck, considered as the most environmentally friendly solution. The reduced emissions and eco-friendly features make them a welcome addition to the market.

Consider the Transmission Type

Just as yard trucks have different engines, they also have different transmission options. While an experienced OTR driver may prefer a manual transmission, spotter trucks utilize automatic transmissions.

Automatic transmissions are designed and engineered to make you more productive with smooth, seamless full-power shifts to deliver better performance. This also allows you to travel farther in a shorter time frame which results in more dependable deliveries per day on the yard.

Drivers also benefit from automatic transmissions by having both hands on the wheel and the ease of maneuvering loads in congested areas, tight corners, and just overall driving experience in every situation.

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